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Quotes about David Neil Laurence Levy – Self Proclaimed Genius?

Over the years many of the people who have been hurt, attacked, abused in some way, or damaged by David Levy, have made comments and been quoted about him. These have been gathered together here by our group, and range from his ex-wife, to his ex-business partners, to ex-investors in various companies and ventures, most of which he has run into the ground over the years whilst emptying them into his own bank account.
Dr. Jacqueline Eales (former wife of David Levy, and mother to his two children – it was confirmed that ZX Vega Plus backer money was paid to David Levy’s son (Alistair Levy) to take photos and then time date them to convince backers that the photos were taken on a different date. It was also further confirmed by various sources that David Levy used ZX Vega Plus backer money to fund his daughters lavish wedding in the Summer of 2016) – Jacqueline Eales wrote -
“Dear Sam [Sloan] and Larry [Parr],
For some time i have been the recipient of e-mails concerning the dispute
between David Levy and Ray Keene. I have read these with interest, since as
many of your readers will know, I was married to David for 17 years and I am
Ray 's sister. Your readers might also like to know that David has a track
record of sharp business practices.
There was the famous occasion, when he instructed his staff to remove valuable
computers and other items from his offices at 39 Store Street London WC1 at
midnight to avoid the bailiffs taking them.
On another occasion, when he was abroad on one of his numerous lengthy
"business" trips (as referred to by Bjorn Bjornssson in his email ) the
bailiffs actually called at our London home and I had to dissuade them from
seizing my possessions to pay off David's bad debts.
I could give many other examples, but I know David well enough to inform your
readers that his attacks on Ray are a means of deflecting attention from his
own business failures.
With best wishes,
Dr Jacqueline Eales” (12/26/2003)
Bjorn Bjornsson (Former investor in MSO Worldwide Ltd – a company ran by David Levy)
To: The Editor
Private Eye
6 Carlisle Street
London, W1D 3BN
28th November 2003
Dear Sir,
I read with some interest and amusement your chess story in the last issue of
Private Eye.
Clearly, to my mind, and the minds of my colleagues, this was penned by the
self-acclaimed genius David Levy.
I was one of a number of Swedish investors in Levy’s doomed “Mind Sports
Olympiad” – MSO Worldwide Ltd. Levy is the ex-brother in law of the target
of all his spite – none other than your penguin, Raymond Keene.
MSO Worldwide Ltd. was run by Levy at about the time of the Keene’s Brain
Games World Championship.
What Mr. Levy continuously fails to remind his adoring public is that in fact
we pumped in over £2,000,000 into his company. We were promised World
Championships, magnificent events held annually bringing together the world’s
greatest minds etc. etc. blah blah blah. Of course none of the above actually
happened. Mr Levy was more interested in flying around the world with his
adoring assistant, Lady Mary Tovey, wife of Sir Brian Tovey, ex head of GCHQ. In
fact, he was caught in flagrante Uganda in the office in St. James’ Square
just before the bailiffs threw them out.
Of course, MSOW being a private company, the accounts were never scrutinised
other than by the investors and other stuffees, Having attended one of Mr.
Levy’s World Mind Sports Olympiad in a room in Haringey or somewhere – it
looked more like a jumble sale in a Finnish School prize giving. We pretty much
wrote off our investment right there.
This didn’t stop Mr. Levy restarting his company under a new name “Mind
Sports Olympiad Worldwide Ltd.”, in which he bought back the original MSO
assets (actually there no assets, only the software) from the receiver for next
to nothing. All the money we’d paid for the software development went to
other companies owned by or controlled by Levy. And guess who was Receiver? Why
none other than Levy’s personal accountant Gendall Phillip.
Today MSO Worldwide look pretty much as before: a sad collection of anoraks
following their erstwhile fuehrer. It continues to lose money.
Apart from having lost a personal fortune, the whole thing saddens me greatly:
most sports in the world are well organised, have solid sponsorship and
encourage followers to aspire to greater things: chess ought to be one of them.
Unfortunately it isn’t. We have pseudo intellectuals and chess players who
because of their great intellect don’t realise just how stupid they are in
the real world. It is precisely the Levy’s of the Chess World that are
causing such confusion and bad feeling. No wonder nobody serious will become
involved with this person.
Perhaps Mr. Levy, having already ruined his children’s lives (Mr. Keenes’
nephew and niece –in a sordid and acrimonious divorce from Keene’s sister),
should concentrate less on his girlfriend the salubrious Mrs Tovey and
destroying the penguin and focus more on promoting the welfare of chess.
Bob Hesse (investor, head of the Dorchester Group, Inc – USA)
“My assessment of David Levy's "character" cannot be put in print.Good luck, and do watch your back!!!”
“I do know a lot about Levy, and beyond that little twinkle in his eye, he has done nothing but waste my time and money for the past 10 years. The people around him are probably afraid of his litigious mind set. He cannot get to me here, but I "think" (saving me from a libel suit) he is an arrogant, lying piece of shit, with no morals, and worse, will ruin the lives of anyone who crosses him. More background than that, you shouldn't care about.”
To Levy he said – “You have no plan, no money, and no technology...that I can see, and all you do is rant.” “You are acting like a little child, and should be embarrassed; at this time in your life you should be focused on maintaining whatever bit of respectability is left...The Loebner Prize was a very long time ago!!!”
Rai Hamilton (investor in companies ran by Levy, and fellow director in some of them)
“Levy has a history of destroying professional people who see him in the clear light of day. He is supported unconditionally by Suzanne Martin who is the slimy underhand face of his public relations and does his bidding. Together they work to undermine the management of their clients and insist on resignations where someone challenges them.”
“History reminds me that I was a significant investor in Brain Games which hosted a number of world ranking chess tournaments. Significant monies were taken out of the company and accusations were made that this was by Suzanne Martin.”. “The various thefts of money from Brain Games by Suzanne Martin who was working with David Levy at the time are a matter of a judicial review some years ago. There was no denying that the money went missing. The defence claimed that this was Russian mafia money. It actually came from my investors. The money was not recovered to my knowledge and the doubts and confusion caused by a web of lies created by Suzanne Martin and David Levy got them off any official condemnation. I believe they even sued the News of the World and won damages!!”
“Taking money and ruining people’s lives is stock in trade for David Levy. His argument is always that the good guys are the thieves and he manipulates tiny detail to start to build a case of turning over the tables. This behaviour is recorded on the internet and I have personal experience of it to my cost. David Levy has spread a story that I have committed a crime so serious that he has pledged never to reveal it”


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